The Importance of Aircraft Deicing Services

Unless you’re a pilot or mechanic, you might not fully understand the need for aircraft deicing services during the colder months, but take it from Range Regional Airport: it’s extremely important! That’s why we’ve collected information about the deicing process and provided some additional information about our aircraft deicing services.

Why is Aircraft Deicing Necessary?

First, aircraft deicing is necessary because it can be critical for safe flight operations. This is because precipitation, contaminants, and lower temperatures affect the surfaces of aircraft by altering airflow. This, in turn, will impact the planes performance and can cause serious safety hazards.

It’s no secret that airplanes are made up of extremely complex components making aircraft deicing services one of the most important ways to prepare for a safe flight.

How Does it Work?

 Aircraft deicing employs a specialized type of fluid that is sprayed on areas, such as the:

  • Propellers
  • Wings
  • Fuselage
  • Nose and tail
  • Engine inlets
  • Fan blades
  • Landing gear
  • Antennas
  • & More!

Deicing Your Aircraft with Range Regional Airport

If you’re stopping at Range Regional Airport, we offer full aircraft deicing services that adhere to all of today’s industry standards and best practices. We ensure our deicing solutions are fast and efficient by using proven and reliable equipment while simultaneously making an effort to reduce the applied volume of ADF.

In addition to offering extensive deicing services for a wide range of different types of aircraft, Range Regional Airport has also invested in critical weather prediction technology  to ensure a safe takeoff or landing.

Contact us for aircraft deicing solutions and more today!

For those in need of a reliable centrally located FBO  in Minnesota, Range Regional Airport & the Hibbing Fueling Facility, can service all of your needs. We offer hangar and refueling services, as well as onsite aircraft painting solutions and much more.

If bringing in your aircraft for maintenance, the team at TNT Airworks, located on the airport grounds, can have it airworthy again in no time. For the past 25 years, TNT Airworks has been offering full-service maintenance to aircraft in the area. Contact us online today for more information or call (218) 263-4353.

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