Parking Information

The Chisholm-Hibbing Airport Authority (CHAA) is pleased to provide automobile parking to our customers flying to/from the Range Regional Airport. The CHAA has established the following to provide a great parking experience for the traveling public.

 Free Parking! Automobile parking is free of charge for our customers exclusively traveling to/from the Range Regional Airport. However, oversized vehicles, vehicles/trailers, campers and recreational vehicles are not allowed without prior permission.

 Parking Etiquette. The parking row ends are striped to indicate parking rows. They are supplemented with orange pylons indicating the row end. In winter months, pavement markings may be obscured with snow/ice. Customers are asked to use available parking spaces in the best interest of the airport, maximizing the parking area. Customers are asked to use caution allowing adequate space between vehicles and ensure maintenance and snow removal operations may continue in the isles and access roads.

 Parking Duration. There is no time limit for parking. Please notify us if you plan to leave your vehicle for an extended time (more than 14 days). One-hour parking is designated by signs in the front row of the terminal parking lot. Customers are encouraged to utilize these spots while assisting arriving or departing passengers. Vehicles exceeding the one-hour rule may be subject to removal.

 Loading / Unloading Zones. Loading and unloading of passengers and luggage is permissible in the two drive lanes in front of the terminal. Customers are encouraged to do so in a timely manner and not leave vehicles unattended.

 No Parking / Handicap Parking. There is no parking allowed near the vehicle gate on the east side of the terminal or in the loading dock area on the west side of the terminal. Parking is not allowed (unattended vehicles) near the fire hydrants in front of the terminal. Vehicles parked in handicap parking must display proper permits or be subject to removal.

 Rental Cars. Rental car spaces are designated by signs in the front row between the terminal and the General Aviation Building. These spaces are reserved for ready-to-use and rental returns. Unauthorized vehicles are subject to removal from these spaces.

 Abandoned Vehicles. A vehicle will be considered abandoned if it appears undriveable (e.g. flat tires, broken windows, etc.) and has not moved for seven (7) or more days, regardless of valid license plate. Abandoned vehicles will be towed after letter is sent to registered owner, if he/she can be identified, stating date by which vehicle must be moved, unless vehicle is proven to be drivable.

Liability. Maintenance activities, law enforcement patrols and security cameras assist with security and monitoring of vehicles. However, the CHAA does not assume liability for damages to vehicles nor to the contents in vehicles in the parking lot.   The CHAA reserves the right to remove vehicles (or relocate improperly parked vehicles for maintenance or safety purposes) at the owner’s expense.

Questions may be directed to Airport Management at (218) 262-3451 or