Range Regional Airport Proud to Announce Service Expansions from Midwest Aircraft Refinishing

March 15, 2020 - Hibbing, MN - Range Regional Airport in Hibbing, MN, has recently completed a deal with Midwest Aircraft Refinishing (MAR) to double their service facilities at the airport.  This deal will benefit the airport, MAR, and fliers alike by offering even more reasons to visit Range Regional.

Midwest Aircraft Refinishing is one of the Midwest’s premiere air craft refurbishment facilities, in addition to being an authorized service center for Cirrus aircraft.  This has brought in plenty of business to Range Regional, as over 90% of their customers came in from out-of-state.  However, with their previous facilities, they were only able to refurbish approximately two airplanes per month.

With the recent 10,000 square foot expansion to their Range Regional Airport facilities, MAR will now be able to double that to four planes per month.

As MAR's cofounder George Vernig stated: "The demand for our specialized services is there and on a steady growth projection, between our private clients as well as our work with Cirrus.  We've worked very hard to grow our reputation."

This expansion was conducted with the assistance of Iron Range Resources & Rehabilitation, who provided a development infrastructure grant in 2016 to help fund the new facilities.  Iron Range specializes in providing funding and resources aimed at improving economic prosperity in northeastern Minnesota.

Range Regional Airport is likewise happy with this arrangement, as it will help make Range a prime destination for aircraft in need of repair, from around the country.  Range looks forward to seeing more customers, as well as spreading the word of this excellent regional airport.

As such, the expansion of Midwest Aircraft Refinishing should be a winning move for everyone involved.

About Range Regional Airport

First established in 1931 as Hibbing Municipal Airport, Range Regional is a vital resource in the Iron Range region of northeastern Minnesota.  They provide a variety of services for private aircraft, as well as serving as a connecting terminal for Delta Airlines.  The airport currently features a 6,758’ x 150’ primary runway, and a 3,075’ x 75’ crosswind runway.

For more information, contact 218-262-3451 or visit https://www.rangeregionalairport.com/.

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