Benefits of Flying via Private Air Charter

Sometimes traveling on the airlines schedule to limited destinations just doesn’t’ work. This is especially true if you’re traveling with your executive staff to visit with an important business client.  There is a better way to maximize your travel time by utilizing  private air charter.

Range Regional Airport’s tenant Premium Air offers the flexibility you need with their on-demand charter flights.  Benefits of booking a charter flight for your next trip are highlighted below:

No Long Layovers

Having a layover that lasts for hours is never any fun. That’s why taking a charter flight is much more comfortable. With private air charters, there are no lengthy layovers to get to your destination. All the pilot needs to do is gas and go, flying you directly to your destination!

Landing Closer to Your Final Destination

With a private charter, you’ll be able to land closer to your final destination because you’ll be at liberty to choose your departure and arrival terminals. You can choose airports that are much less busy, and more convenient.

Flexible Scheduling

When you book a charter flight, the plane leaves when you want it to, not the other way around. This makes for much more flexible scheduling and less stress when getting to and from your destination.

Have the Whole Plane to Yourself

Have you ever dreamed of being waited on and having the entire plane to yourself? Well, when you charter a flight it’s easy. You can relax and fly alone without worrying about other passengers!

Enjoy Private Lounges & Terminals

The hustle and bustle of busy airports are out the window when you fly via private air charter. You’ll be treated to comfortable luxurious waiting lounges and terminals where you can kick your feet up and relax.

Book your private air charter from Range Regional Airport today!

If you want to fly comfortably and without all of the hassles, book your charter flight today by contacting us online or calling (833)634-2387.

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