$6M Airfield Improvements Scheduled In 2018

The Range Regional Airport serves Minnesota's Iron Range accommodating daily commercial jet service, general aviation business, recreation, emergency services and military aircraft. The airport is recognized as a vital component for transporting people, goods and services to the area and contributing to the regions' economic development. The airport experiences over 30,000 aircraft operations and over 30,000 people traveling through the terminal facilities.

Properly maintained airfield lighting and pavements is an obvious critical safety issue and is required for an airport to possess an FAA operating certificate to allow airline operations.

The current airfield runway lighting at the Range Regional Airport was installed in 1984 and has seen its useful life.  The lighting cables are inefficient indicating loss of electrical current and the direct buried cables have required several repairs.  A newly installed system will recognize cost savings in efficiency and maintenance expenses.  In addition, the project will replace reflective markers with LED edge lights on the parallel taxiway by recommendation of the FAA.

The current Taxiways B & C pavements were constructed in 1991 and 1984 respectively and have met their useful life. Pavement Condition Index (PCI) survey conducted by the Minnesota DOT indicates the pavements are in poor condition and recommend pavement replacement. Taxiway C serves as the primary parallel taxiway leading to and from the main runway. Taxiway B is secondary to the main runway access and also serves the DNR Fire Fighting Operations apron.  Taxiway D was abandoned several years ago and required to be removed as a FAA safety standard due to its proximity to the runway ends.

The project will receive funding from the FAA (90%), Iron Range Resources and Rehabilitation and the Chisholm-Hibbing Airport Authority. It is estimated 80 construction jobs will be created with this project.  Construction is scheduled to commence mid-May and the duration is 195 calendar days.

The project’s contract has been awarded to KGM Contractors (Angora, MN) and Lanyk Electric (Virginia, MN). The project follows Federal and State Regulations including prevailing wages and buy American requirements.

PILOTS:  This project requires runway closures.  Please check your NOTAMS!  Thank you!

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