Why Are Most Aircraft Painted White?


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Perhaps not as mysterious as the old question, “Why did the chicken cross the road?” You may have wondered at one time or another why most of the aircraft you see are painted white. Or, it may have never crossed your mind. Either way, the aircraft painting experts located at the Range Regional Airport want to let you know there are some very good reasons for it.

Here you’ll find out why most aircraft are white, and what happens if exceptions are made.

White Aircraft Reflect Sunlight

Okay, it’s no surprise that a white plane will keep its crew and passengers cooler because it reflects light, but there are also other reasons. Firstly, when planes reflect sunlight, it also receives less damage from UV rays and solar radiation. Even when a plane is on the ground, it’s still likely receiving direct sunlight unless it’s in an airport hangar.

Other, lighter colors also serve the same purpose as white.

Determining the Amount of a Plane’s Damage 

Like every type of machine, aircraft also require aircraft maintenance services or touch up of paint and fix wear and tear on the exterior. This is where white paint really comes in handy. It makes it much easier to see things like rust, paint damage, or leaks or spills on a white exterior.

Reducing the Chance of Bird Strikes 

Unfortunately, bird strikes don’t also endanger the birds; they can put an aircraft’s crew and passengers in danger as well. So, most airplanes are painted white to minimize the chance of bird strikes. Doing so causes the plane to stand out more from the background behind it, while darker colors reduce this contrast.

Why Aren’t Planes Painted Black? 

A sleek, black jet might look pretty cool, but as mentioned above, it will be more susceptible to bird strikes. Additionally, painting an aircraft black will cause the paint on its exterior to fade much more quickly, and may end up costing the owner substantially after having to invest in aircraft painting services every month.

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