5 Factors for Selecting the Right Jet FBO Airport for General Aviation

When it comes to choosing an FBO Airport for general aviation services, it’s essential to make certain your needs, as well as those of your passengers and crew are covered at every level. As one of the Iron Range Region’s leading airports, Range Regional Airport offers a variety of different airport services to meet our client’s demands.

Here we cover some of the most important factors for selecting the right jet FBO airport for general aviation services!

1. Having Your Aircraft Essentials Covered

The most important aspect of selecting a great general aviation FBO airport as your operating base is finding one that covers all of your needs. This includes things like fueling, hangar storage, de-icing, ground handling services, and other necessities, all of which Range Regional Airport handles for our general aviation clients.

2. Passenger Amenities

Keeping your clients happy is key to running a successful aircraft business, so choosing an airport that offers passenger amenities is also a key factor. Having a place for passengers to relax, conduct business in conference rooms, or have food and drink is important for a comfortable travel experience.

3. Crew & Pilot Amenities

 Just like keeping your passengers happy is important, so too is keeping your crew happy and also giving yourself a chance to relax. That’s why when looking at FBO airports that offer general aviation services, choose one that has a separate pilot’s lounge, places for staff to relax, well-maintenance restrooms, and even places to change and bathe when necessary.

4. Luxury Lounge Area

 Traveling can be stressful for some, which is why having a luxury lounge area where passengers and crew can relax is important. Be sure to choose a base of operations that has entertainment options available, food and drink options, and other VIP amenities.

5. High-Quality Customer Experience

 It’s important to select an FBO airport that is committed to offering outstanding customer service. This means they employ a staff that’s knowledgeable about the area and the airport services they offer and can provide assistance when needed.

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