Range Regional Airport Team Highlights Latest Downtown Chisholm Event

Looking for a last minute summer get away?  Why not visit northern Minnesota in August and experience a once in a lifetime water slide ride through Chisholm!  It is sure to create great memories for family and friends.  Range Regional Airport welcomes all types of general aviation aircraft, and receives daily Delta flights from the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport if air travel suits your needs.  Upon arrival you will be a short 10 minute drive to Chisholm

Learn More on the Water Slide Event Near Chisholm Airport

On August 5, Slide the City will be bringing their 1,000 ft water slide to the downtown Chisholm area. The water slide will be set up at a convenient downtown location and will be accessible to participants from across the city as well as visitors. From 4th Avenue, the slide will stretch the distance of four football fields down Lake Street. It’s set to be an event to remember for thousands visiting the region in August. With easy access to various hotels and transportation options via the Range Regional Airport, Slide the City is a perfect weekend getaway for out-of-towners as well as our local community.

The giant slide is made from vinyl and then doused with water so that users can enjoy an unparalleled experience as they travel down the slide at great speed. Tickets for the ride are just $20 per person for three trips down the slide and $50 for an all-day pass. It’s important to note that all children who wish to enjoy the ride must be at least 5 years old and 46 inches tall. Families should also bring sunscreen, appropriate swim suits, as well as shoes for the day.

Other Attractions in the Area

In addition to hosting one of the area’s largest water slides on August 5th, the downtown Chisholm area will also be host to multiple food trucks and merchandise stalls. Families can spend the day together in the summer sun and enjoy all that the area has to offer. If you’re not from the area, fly in and out for the weekend from Range Regional Airport for a family summer trip to remember!

Our team here at Range Regional Airport can help guide you as you discover more exciting events taking place this summer! To discover more, contact us directly!




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